Monday, November 14, 2011

Resurrect this blog!

I have been contemplating resurrecting this blog for a while.  I miss the outlet for my craziness and well a few people have said I am funny.  Not sure about all that. 

So much has changed since I was last here.  There have been some great things.  I published a book under the pen name of Kelli Lee Mosley.  It’s called Another Chance.  I am not sure I want to do it again but hey it is off my bucket list.  The Diva has grown so much she is nearly as tall as me.  I will get some pictures up ASAP to show you how cute she still is.  (Yes, I am her mother; but I know I am not the only one that notices how cute she is…) Kevin and I have been married 11 years now.  Crazy times, man.  We have new babies in the family.  Really cute ones, at last count 5 new nieces and 5 new nephews.  Not to mentions a few marriages have been celebrated to go along with those babies.  I have re-connected with some family that I have not talked to in ages.  That has been great. 

And with all things there have been some not-so-great times as well.  We lost Uncle Raymond last year.  He is still missed so very much.  He was our family comedian and get-togethers are not the same without him. My friend Jan (you have heard me mention her) she was in seriously bad car accident.  Thankfully she is now on the road to recovery, but it was scary none the same.  My other BFF Stephanie she moved away, BUT she came back.  So that was bad, but now it is good that she back home.  I missed her so VERY much.
The world has also changed a lot as well.  Social Media is everywhere.  From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest (probably my favorite) it’s all about getting out there. 

Update on the Diva:
She is now 9 years old and in the 4th grade.  She is still an excellent student and has a wide range of interests and her personality is just as huge as ever.  -As anyone who follows me on Facebook can attest to- She has decided soccer is her sport and she plays either defense or midfields man.  And what will cause you to roll with laughter is: YES, I was her coach this season.  Go ahead, laugh.  Yes, it is funny.  Heck even I think it’s hilarious.  Reading seems to be her thing.  She has now read all of the Harry Potter books, Kingdom Keepers books, Peter and The Starcatchers and now she has moved on to some classics such as Anne of Green Gables and Judy Blume.  You can often hear her laughing at the antics of Fudge in the SuperFudge series.  She has asked to read Twilight as of now I have told her NO.  While she has seen the movies, the books are more intense and I don’t think at 9 she is ready. 

Update on the Princess:
All goes well as far as I can tell, I had some ups and downs this summer but I am finally feeling better.  And I seem to have gotten back on track health-wise.  I have expanded my passion for photography somewhat.  Kevin finally broke down and bought me a good camera and I have certainly put it and my MacBook to use.  (Photo’s to come; I promise) and other than that I have just been busy being me.  Why not be me, everyone else is taken – at least that is how the saying goes. 

Update on Kevin:
He is still the same old, laid back, easy going Kevin.  Pretty much content to do what “his girls” –that is what he calls us- wants to do.  He is now working closer to me and we have lunch together quite often, which is something we have never been able to do.  It seems to be having a positive impact on us. 
Work is still work, no paycheck unless you go there; unfortunately I have not figured away around that.  I need a paycheck to support my Michael Kors habit so I continue to go each day. 

That is pretty much it for now.  I promise now that yall are caught up, it will be fun updates from now on.
Little things like:
  • I am thankful for hairspray today. I know that is superficial but had you seen my hair before hairspray you would understand the wonders it wrought this morning. :)
  • The Diva killed a squirrel with her 4-10 Shotgun, Saturday…
  • I wish I could explain the very depths to which, I loathe and despise laundry. I like to buy clothes, wear clothes and see them hanging in my closet. BUT I can find nothing I like about laundry. NOT.A.SINGLE.THING!
  • The Diva just figured out there are 118 days until we go to Disney again. She smacked her hand on her forehead & said "oh dear goodness, I am never going to survive that!!" So dramatic she is.
Those are all from facebook, but I will endeavor to have separate Diva-ism’s for the blog!
Muah!  Pictures to come!!

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