Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sorry... about being away... :(

I am such a terrible blogger. I think of all these great things that would make interesting blog posts and then I never find the time to actually post them. Sad, huh? So, here I am again when I have been away for quite a while. So much has happened or not happened depending on how you look at things.

Work is well, work. If it was not work then we would call it something else. It’s not bad at all to be honest and getting better every day.

The Diva is well THE DIVA, she will never change. And, secretly that makes me happy. She may have her wild antics but I love her just the way she is.

Kevin is still Kevin. He still tells me I spend too much money on shoes and too long in the bathroom getting ready. Although he loves me just the way I am, so that counts for something.

Independence Day came and went. We had all these grand plans to play at the beach and watch fireworks. Well, Mother Nature is a (b)itch and she had other plans. About 20 inches of rain, so no beach for this royal family.

And now it’s the end of July and we are gearing up for August and back to school. Sunday we made our pilgrimage to Target and gave them their payment for school supplies. For the record school supplies are ridiculously expensive and they do not make half the stuff on the list in the quantities required. So either you buy way more than you need or you don’t buy enough.

I am still reeling with the fact that the Diva is starting her second year of Middle School. I can’t possibly be old enough to have a middle schooler. Seriously, not too long ago myself I was hanging out at Walton Middle School, trying to decide what boys were cute and whether I should tight roll my jeans. I am blocking out the big hair and the balloon suits with sam and libby flat bow shoes…  Terrible fashion of the early 90’s. Terrible.
I leave on Sunday for a conference in Tampa, so I am sure I will have a few new things to report. Until then… kiss kiss, hug hug. XOXOXOXO

Oh! I also cut all my hair off... in wild fit. Whatev- it's hair it grows back.
Shorter hair.