Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Attire

This was my inspiration outfit.  I really liked it a lot.  There was just something about the grey and yellow together.
Gray and Yellow

So I went to my closet to see what I could dig up.  I was not sure I even owned anything yellow no matter how much I liked it.  Imagine my surprise when I came up with not only a yellow shirt but a yellow necklace as well.  I thought it worked out nicely.  I decided my grey riding boots were a better option than flats (not that I have many flats to choose from and certainly do not have any yellow ones.
 Keeping with the grey theme, the diva also decided a grey tunic sweater was appropriate Thanksgiving attire.  Notice she is also sporting her black riding boots.  And we basically have our hair fixed just a like.  Hey, she is not my mini me for nothing. 

I hope Everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  My BFF is picking me up in just a few and we are heading out to go shopping!  :)

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