Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well my birthday was Thursday! It was a pretty good day. I gotta cake that was my highest priority. You know me, rarely have I met a cake I didn't like. Presents were good! I love presents. Friday night was Kenny Chesney! And OH MY GOD... I love me some Kenny Chesney. The concert was fabulous. Miranda Lambert opened for him and she did a pretty good job. No voice on Saturday, but hey who needs a voice. Dallas won today and that was fabulous! Love me some Cowboys winning! Must go back to work tomorrow! Which is not anything I want to do.

Counting down the days until the Diva, Stephanie and little blondie and me escape to Disney World! Girls Road trip and all! October 23rd... is worth looking forward too!

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  1. A VERY belated happy birthday to you, hon - You must let me know when you blog - I do so enjoy your posts!

    HUGS -