Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleep & Chores...

Sleep has become a thing of the past around here.  I remember the days when I could sleep until 10-11 am.  Now I am lucky if I sleep past 4am on a weekday and occasionally I can make myself sleep till 7am on a weekend.  I feel like that means I am OLD.  Only old people get up before daylight or before the chickens; as we say in the south.

These days I am up at around 4 am or so, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor.  Sure they all need to be done, but I still enjoy sleep when it comes.  Why back in the day (see: an OLD people reference, only OLD people say- back in the day -) I would just be getting home at 4 am.  Sad, sad!

Something else that irritates me is Kevin.  Looking at the clock it is now around 5:30 am.  He does not have to be at work until 7am.  He is leaving now.  It's all of 20 minutes to work.  My point is they do not start paying you till 7am why would you want to show up every day at least an hour early?  I mean sure I show up early sometimes, like when I have a project to do.  But every day is insanity.  I guess he figures he is up, might as well leave.  The difference is I figure I am up, I should do laundry or clean the bathroom.

Okay, so the truth is: the fact that he does not see those things need to be done is what really irritates me.  Men they are so oblivious.  Good thing he is cute.

Have a great day all Muah!

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