Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday = happiness!

The Diva is putting the final touches on her room.  Birthday party + Bribery(Threats) = Clean Room.  Or at least at my house it does.  She is really excited to go to her friends birthday party.  It is a horseback riding party.  So of course she has to be properly attired.  She was mad because I would not buy her this to wear:
She looked it up on the web and told me that was what she needed.  I told her she was not in a national riding championship.  She was going to a 9 years old's birthday party.  We compromised and decided to wear jeggings and cute top along with her black boots.  We however do not have the hat and I told her she did not need the riding crop.    We will do her hair cute to make up for not having the hat.  She is now searching for cute hairstyles to compliment her outfit -her words.  So there is not any telling what she will come up with me to do to her hair.  Her birthday is in a little over month and now she is worried about what she will do for her party.  She wants to have an Alice in Wonderland Lawn party.  I have told her that is a cute idea, but remember it is January.  I told her lets make it through Thanksgiving and then we will think about the Ali Holiday. 

Happy Saturday, Everyone.  Do something fun or do nothing at all, just enjoy it.  MUAH!!!!

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