Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Diva and Alan Rickman

This morning on the way to school the Diva says “Momma, I have a question for you.”  Taking a deep breath I prepare myself, because I never know what might come out of that little mouth at any given time.

“So when you are reading a book do you hear the people in your head talking?”

My reply: “Umm yeah, I would say so.”

“Well I am reading Harry Potter and sure I hear the voices of Harry, Ron and Hermione, but the voice that sticks out the most is Snape.”

I smiled at her and asked “why do you think that is?” 

She got this little sideways grin and said, “I think because, secretly he is my favorite person in Harry Potter.”
This is a revelation; normally its Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dobby or even Peeves.  Still not sure why she likes Peeves so much.  And there is no question to her devotion to the other 4.  So I ask her “really what makes Professor Snape your favorite?”

The little sideways grin came back and she responded. “Well Momma, I love his voice, there is just something about his voice that makes me smile even when he is being a nasty turd (yes my Diva said turd) to Harry.  But I know that is not the real thing that is just the man playing him in the movie.  So even though I like that it’s not the real reason.  I think it’s because even after everything he still loved Lily.  I sure hope somebody loves me like that someday.” 

At this point she has a far away silly grin on her face.  So I tell her, “The man that plays Professor Snape his name is Alan Rickman.”

“Oh, does he always sound like that?” she asked.

My response (taken from Professor Snape himself) was simply “Always.”  She immediately got the reference and got an even bigger smile.

Pulling out my iPhone, I went to you tube and we watched this clip: (Yes I was running a little behind for work this morning but when your daughter wants to listen to Alan Rickman, how can you refuse?)

When it was finished’ her response was “Yep, he is definitely my favorite and can you call him to see if he will read me a bed time story every night.  It would be so nice to hear that voice each night before I fall asleep.”

“So you really like his voice and want to hear it some more?”

Her response with a grin: “ALWAYS.”

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