Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Curly vs Straight...Long vs Short

So I have let my hair grow out.  At this point I am not sure if I am happy with it at all.  Each day I think today is the day I am calling Nikki and telling her to cut it all off.  Then I talk myself out of it.  I really love Reese Witherspoon in the picture below, but I know that I will never have hair that straight.  EVER.  Or bangs.  Bangs that curl up are not a good thing.
This style (Isla Fisher) is pretty easy for me and I have been wearing it a lot.  It's pretty much my go to hair.  Although her curls are more tamed than mine are.
I love the way you can throw it in a ponytail or pull it back in a clip.  What I don't love about it, how long it takes to wash and dry.  The Gwyneth Paltrow style is what I want.  
But I will end up with hair like Chalize Theron below:
Yeah so I have no idea what I want.  Sigh...
Again I have no idea what I want...  Muah.

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