About Princess Kelli...

About Princess Kelli:
Well what can be said... I am Mom to Ali who is a Diva, just ask her. I am also wife to Kevin, God love him he puts up with not only all my nonsense but all of hers too. Although I think he enjoys it and he would not have his "girls" any other way.

I do love Mickey Mouse and can come up with any reason whatsoever (like: the grass is the green, the sky is blue, and the earth revolves around the sun... so really anything) to make a visit to Walt Disney World. Usually it's at least one or two trips a year. More if I can talk Kevin into paying for it.

Shoes and bags make me happy and they are even better if designed by Michael Kors. Michael is my favorite designed and I can happily wile away the hours in his store, on his website or following him on Instagram.

My drink of choice is always vodka, Grey Goose preferably.  Grey Goose, diet sprite and cherry juice is how I like it mixed, in a pretty glass. It just tastes better in a pretty glass. Recently I have also discovered Angry Orchard beer, it's like apple juice with a kick.

Well being a good southern princess; football is a way of life. I share my time rooting for my beloved Miami Hurricanes -The []_[]- and my daughter's beloved Auburn Tigers -War Eagle- and can always be found in front of a Dallas Cowboys game.

The Beatles or Kenny Chesney are always on my playlist. I *heart* them both.

In the summer you can find me cruising Western Lake or the Gulf on my pink YOLO board.

While all the above is great it only makes bills it doesn't pay any of them. That is where Visit South Walton comes in.  Each day from 8-4:30 you can find me behind a desk marketing the most beautiful beach destination on the Gulf Coast.

So that is Princess Kelli in a nustshell. Stick around there is more to come, I promise. :)

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