Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Runway...

Ok if you have followed my blog you know that I am hopelessly devoted to Project Runway. In my dreams I am Heidi Klum, minus the whole married to Seal thing. I mean he can sing but he is kinda “icky”. Don’t bash me Seal fans… you know I like blonde redneck boys—it’s just how I am wired. But like I said in my dreams I am 5 foot 10 and THIN and oh hell why not…blonde. Michael Kors is my absolute favorite designer. I love his clothes, (although his Spring collection may have to grow on me, I am not completely in love with it…BUT I am not in love with any of the spring collections at this point so it is not a refection on him in any way) his shoes and well his bags are TO. DIE. FOR.!! As for Nina Garcia, yes she needs to eat but hey I love her snarky little comments so I try to not to hold the “skinniness” against her. Then there is Tim Gunn, his style is impeccable as are his manners and well everything about him screams etiquette and propriety in a good way, so I have to “HOLLER” at my boy.

Anyway in saying this, I have to make an additional comment. I can not stand Kenley. She is one of the 4 remaining designers. She makes me gag!!! Everything she puts out is 100 different kinds of ugly and she is rude, obnoxious, hateful, insufferable and well completely intolerable all the way around. Not only is she rude (insert any other word of your choosing from last sentence) to the other designers she is RUDE to everyone, everywhere. I do not feel that she is fashion forward with her 1940’s soldiers coming home from war hair. And the outfits she wears, well I do not have enough blog space to tell you exactly how they make me feel. But so you will know the adjectives that I think best describe her style are as follows: repugnant, vile, hideous, revolting, ugly, gruesome, dreadful…and the list goes on; but I will stop there. So in saying this, if they let her win Project Runway and give $100,000 to start her own line, I VOW TO NEVER WATCH PROJECT RUNWAY AGAIN! Ever!!!!! I mean she is a vile, revolting beast and I refuse to take part in anything that would reward that.

By the way I am not alone in thinking this check out this link... they feel the same way!

Ok now that I feel better have a nice day everyone. MUAH!!!!

p.s. I have been trying to post this for days but its been one thing or another.


  1. Kel - A great deal of stress has been lifted from my shoulders because I don't watch TV.

    If there is a series I am interested in (i.e., Deadwood, The Simpsons) I get them on DVD. BTW, the non-existence of commercials is a major benefit of DVDs.

    When we watch football - which is the only reason we attach the antenna to the monitor - we mute the commercials. Now, grant it, there are a few very creative advertisements out there, but seriously. I don't think people in advertising need to go to university to do what they do.

    Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

    God bless the woman who invented the mute button!


  2. Its just irritating that I watch very little TV as it is and now I am ill at one of my favorite programs.

    BUT Dirty Sexy Money is coming back and I know that I will watch that.

    You aint telling me nothing I don't know. I live in the SOUTH, football is a religion from Thursday to Monday! I love fall for that reason.