Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween is coming up

Well Halloween is coming up. And for anyone who happened to read my blog last year at this time you will recall the Diva was a demon princess. Well this year she is going to be a tad less weird and be the tooth fairy. Yes you read that right she wants to be the tooth fairy. I have no clue where she comes up with this stuff. Although I actually think the tooth fairy is better than a Hershey kiss as that was her original idea. So I am in hot pursuit of the makings of tooth fairy costume.

I will let yall know how that goes.

As for everything else, I am of course in a bad mood cause the Cowboys last yesterday, grr!

But on an up note Kevin's b-day is coming up and I am planning him a nice get together with some friends. I am thinking you know only the people we really like and the Diva should have a spend the night party with the grandparents ya know. More to come soon about that.

Have a great night all!

Oh and last thing:
Run out and buy my friend Farrah Rochon's book The Holiday Inn, here; it comes out tomorrow!!



  1. This Halloween will be mine (I will be going to Disneyland for a girls night) however, next year it will be impossible to sneak away - My son will be five and he'll know what's going on. Hehe!

    He does have a costume for this year though, he will be a knight. With his mommy a historical romance author and his daddy a history major, what else is there?


  2. My 9 y.o. is going to be an evil knight and my 12 y.o. has a Joker mask. He wasn't going for a full costume b/c he just wanted enough to get the candy. LOL


  3. My sister was a Hershey Kiss. It was just cardboard and tin foil. It wasn't too bad. My parents made a cone shaped hat, too. It looked pretty awesome. The tooth fairy is definitely easier though.

    Baby will be Piglet (hanging onto the fact she was born in the Year of the Pig and the fact that her bedroom is Classic Pooh). I bought the costume last year for $4 on a clearance sale despite the fact she was only like 6 weeks old at the time. hehehe I should probably try it on her before the big day.