Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People are idiots!

Oh not you, you read my blog. Other people; yeah not so smart.

For example, if you ride your break for 7 miles down a major highway you are not allowed to be pissed when you stop for real and you nearly get rear ended. How in the hell is someone supposed to know this time you are really stopping.

Yet another example, if you have your left turn signal on for about 10 miles then how are people supposed to know you are turning when you really decide to turn?

ok on to other people... lets just say you are at lunch with your co-worker, you are both female. The 1st girl places her order and she stands there. You continue to look at the counter girl. Finally she says are you going to order. Of course you then give her that look (yeah that look-- you are so stupid) I plan too as soon as you take her money so we can pay separately. Then she wonders why you think she is a moron. Now to me and you it is obvious, but she was not that smart.

so that brings us to here. I am off to watch Project Runway and see how many different kinds of ugly they can pack in to one show. I am thinking at least 5, because there are six designers left and chances are I am bound to like something.

Hugs, loves and kisses to you.


  1. "Against stupidity, the gods themselves fight in vain."

    I wish I wrote that . . .


  2. nobody... and i mean nobody, can drive well enough for Kelli. I should know, I drove with her, and I'll never forget it! lol