Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kevin... he is for sale

ok for anyone that is married, has a boyfriend or hell for that matter even knows a man, KNOWS that when one is even remotely sick, YOU can not deal with them. Kevin has been sick for most of the week. So he is for sale! I am DONE with him. He can either take medicine or he can live in the yard. The Diva and I are done listening to him COUGH.

Ok on to other things going...
I am watching Miami Hurricanes beat the snot out of Texas A&M. Pretty decent to me. I am a Miami fan you know.

I am excited that it is the weekend, the Diva and I slept in this morning. It was fabulous.

Ok on to another day.



  1. Girl, my own husband who is a nurse is a big baby when he's sick. So, I'm not buying. ;)


  2. If he is still coughing you can rent him out to a fancy research facility.