Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I know I suck. I have not been able to update my blog as my life has been out of control. But thankfully I have it all back mostly under control. I hope everyone is doing well. We mostly are around here. Living at the beach in September means constantly watching the weather channel.

Football is now starting THANK YOU GOD!!! I love love love football season!!!

My Diva has started the 1st grade and well that has been interesting in our life. We now have homework and other school things to take care of. I guess the part of that I can barely believe is that the 2nd week of school they are already turning her into a little salesman. You know it would be easier in my life to just write the school a check for $100.00 bucks and call that my Diva's contribution. Then I would not have to beg all our family to buy that crap or have to deliver it all.

Kevin asked the Diva if she wanted to play soccer she informed that soccer was a lot of running and very little action and she was not in a hurry to have someone kick things at her. So I suppose soccer is out.

As for the other things going on around this place:
  • it is fall, maybe there will be something on tv (I somehow doubt it)
  • at least football will be on
  • election is coming up, I know that will be interesting
  • work is slowing down
  • my birthday is coming up I will be 29 :)

oh and one last funny note before I sign off for the day, The diva is going to be the ringbearer in my best friends Jan's wedding. Well she has known this for a while and she told me the other day that she had thought about it and well she really did not want to do it. I told her Ms. Jan would understand but why do you not want to do it? She said that wearing a bear suit would be to hot in the summer time and the fur would make her itch. YES the FUR WOULD MAKE HER ITCH, because being a ring bearer meant you would be dressed as a bear.

So if you are 6 and have been asked to be a ringbearer and you have no idea what a ringbearer does you will think you need a bear suit.

Everyone have a fabulous night as I am off to watch my love Micheal Kors on Project Runway and try to not gauge my eyes out and tear my ears off when Suede makes comments about his inspiration coming from his dead grandfathers, cousins, neighbors, aunts, brothers cat.

Kisses to all!!! MUAH


  1. OMG, that is hilarious! I think you lost me at the football talk at the beginning of the post which is why I never got to the bear suit. My mother laughed and said she loves stories where kids misunderstand phrases. I agree. I especially love Diva stories.

  2. glad you love the Diva stories. I am here to serve!!! Muah!