Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday... why do we need them?

As of yet I have am unable to see what purpose a Monday serves. No-one likes them and I am not an exception to that rule. Monday's pretty much suck all the way around.

Monday in the fall at least has football. Oh and speaking of football... yeah my Colts lost yesterday but the Cowboys and the Saints won so it was not too bad of a day. Tom Brady is out for the season... oh so sad I am not a Brady fan if you can tell.

Ok well it is September and I live in Florida... which means Hurricane Season. SO currently I am living with the weather channel to see what Evil Ike is up to. Its more of a lifestyle choice you know. You either watch the weather or you don't.

On to other things the diva had open house tonight. The 1st grade seems to be treating her well. She has not refused to go yet and that's a plus.

As for other things I am one day away from my 31st b-day. Yuck might I just add. I have decided we are going to celebrate quietly. Meaning I expect presents but everyone should refrain from mentioning that ugly number.

Loves and kisses to all!! Muah!! Nite-Nite!


  1. Look at you, miss blogger!
    I'm so impressed.

    I'm getting more and more into football.

    I don't like Mondays - but I LOVE the fall season! Sorry about your wacky weather, hon!

    TTFN -