Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flat tire, anyone?

So when I wanted today to be a better day, I was not counting on having a flat tire!
Less than impressed with having one. My hubby asks "how did you get a flat tire?" Me- "umm I ran over something?" HIM- "what did you run over?" I shake my head and say "well if I knew what it was I would have avoided it." Sheesh!! For crying out loud, if he was not so cute...

So I went to the tire store and of course it could not be patched it had to be replaced! So now I am $92.00 in the hole. It sucks bad! There goes that really cute new pair of shoes that I had planned on sneaking in.

You know that old saying that "what else could go wrong?" yah I am not saying that at all, cause looking at my luck it will get worse. Way worse. Now I am counting down the minutes to lunch time because I am starving! Starving!!!!


  1. Now I know for a fact that you got 2 pairs of shoes today. You little liar! lol Liar liar pants on fire.


  2. So I went to the tire store

    OMG. You are so freaking funny.