Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All I want for Christmas is…

So… on the way to school this morning my Diva decided it was time to make out her Santa list. Yes just what I wanted to hear, I mean for crying out loud I barely have last years paid off and yet here we are time to go again. Well I tell her I am game lets hear it.

Keep in mind she is 5!
Well number one is an Iphone.” I told her no. She then whines, “But Mom I need a phone I may need to call someone. I shake my head and say “Any time you are with someone they have a phone you are fine.” More whining, “But Mom what about calling my friends?” “You are 5; none of your friends have a phone either. Get over it, next item!”
“Well I want an IPOD.” I shake my head. She has been asking for an IPOD since she was 3. Santa may actually bring her one this year. She keeps talking… “and a gameboy advance, and a PSP (by the way I have no idea what a PSP is…) and piranha panic, a chia pet.” I stop and her and say “what?” She gives me that ‘you are a moron look’ and says “You know that little plant that grows and then you can cut it off yeah I need one of those.” I continue to drive to school, in the rain and listen. “oh and last I want a Venus Flytrap.”

Ok here I nearly wreck the car cause my 5 year old has asked for a Venus flytrap. I of course ask “Did you just say a Venus Flytrap?”
“Yeah Mom, you know that plant that eats flies? I need one of them.”
Finally we pull up that school and I say “Why do you want one.”
She sighs really loud and says “Well you know sometimes I get a fly in my room and it can eat it.”

She then gets out and grabs her backpack and waits for me to walk her in.

Ok so these are my thoughts, what 5 year old needs a Venus Flytrap? I mean come on. A Venus flytrap, I know she is crazy but this is a little too far for even her. I ain’t buying my five year a carnivorous plant for Christmas, not no way, not no how.

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