Monday, October 15, 2007

All the other kids are doing it!

So... I thought I would start out with a story about my little diva! She has quite an imagination. One of the many things other than work, husband, child, on and on that takes up my time is Daisies, otherwise known as the pee-wee version of Girl Scouts. My 5 year old (who will tell you in a hot minute she is 5.5) is yes a Daisy. So in addition to learning her ABC’s and 123’s in kindergarten she has to learn the Girl Scout motto. She is less than interested. She has some of it down but not all of it. So… we are at the Daisy meeting and they go over the motto with the new girls and then they start learning this new song and dance. It’s about a beaver (what a beaver has to do with being a girl scout I have no clue- but I digress) the leader is teaching it to them, while I try to get in some last minute work. Looking up I notice my little Diva is not only not trying to learn the song and dance; she is standing there with this look of horror on her face.

The leader: “What is wrong?”
My Diva: “I am not doing that.”
The leader: “Why not, its fun.”
Me -- At this point I chime in “Yes, honey you should do it.”
My Diva -- wrinkles up her nose and says “There is no way that I am going to do that.”
The leader: “why not, I am.”
My Diva: “yah and you look RIDICULOUS!”
The Leader – standing with her mouth open probably trying to figure out how she can smack my diva around with out ticking me off (not sure on that but I did see that look on her face – you know the one my family refers to as that pissy look I get sometimes)
Me – trying to keep a straight face:
“Sweetie all the other kids are doing it”
My diva – who gives an exasperated sigh, says “Yah but Mom you said just because all the other kids jump off a bridge doesn’t mean I should!”
MeDamn she’s got me there.

Needless to say she did not participate in the beaver song and dance!

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