Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Ok do you remember that song as a child? The rain is driving me crazy! I mean I live in the Sunshine State, for crying out loud. I am sick of the rain.

Ok on to better topics to discuss. Well maybe not better just different. I have decided every day is an adventure when you are the mother of a five year old diva. Finally Sunday we decided to carve those pumpkins we bought the night of the monsoon.

No big deal, you would think, yeah you would be wrong. Together the diva and I decide that it would be a normal face, you know triangles for eyes and nose and a mouth with teeth. Pretty normal, well until I got it open and asked the Diva to help me scoop the “innards” out. She immediately screams I am not touching that it’s gross!!! Well here comes the dog. He begins to bark and runs over to where I have scooped out the inside and takes a big bite. Then he runs off for a moment. Meanwhile there is someone at the front gate that is trying to get me to change my religion asking me if my parents are home. Oh and I did I mention that the dog came back and barfed up the pumpkin that he ate, next to the front door. Then my husband comes out of the back yard and asks if he can help. My first thought is who to kill first and where do I hide the body.

Somehow I managed to get all of that settled. 7:30 rolls around (my favorite time of day – the diva goes to bed and I go get a nice relaxing bath!). That was the plan anyway. My husband also known as the human stain on the sofa decides we need to fold laundry. My point is that laundry has been there since Friday and has not bothered a soul, does he really think that it is now going to bother me. I gave him that look, apparently he gets the idea!

Had it not been for the wine and culinary festival Sunday would have sucked. But hey it was not all bad where else do they serve mimosa’s for three hours and you make your husband drive home?

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