Monday, November 12, 2007

Hindlegs anyone?

So… as you are all aware, I live in the DEEP South! Not that it is a problem mind you, it’s more of a fact of life. Not that I am saying that I want to live anywhere else, there are just things that take place here that would not happen many other places. Which brings me to the reason for my blog today:

How often are you sitting at the table and you hear someone complain that they wanted a hindleg not a frontleg, BUT I digress, let me start at the beginning.

Saturday was the opening day of squirrel season. Now that may not mean much to you, but at my house its cause to celebrate. I know I know my red neck is peeking through. But anyway we are sitting at the table eating, (let me set the menu for you- fried- yes I said FRIED squirrel, biscuits, syrup, pork roast, peas, creamed corn, turnip greens, cheesy taters, sweet taters, and some nasty macaroni salad ok maybe not nasty but I do not like it). Like I was saying we are eating and one of the guys on his third plate hands it to his wife who happens to be standing at the time. Well he fails to mention that he wants more and she throws his plate away. After he closes his mouth due to outrage, you know he wanted more it was not like he was done or anything, hell he was just catching his second wind. She gives him that look, yeah you know the look, she tells him that she was putting him on a diet. Well I will tell you right now, he just didn’t take kindly to that at all. Finally, she asks what he would like and he says “A few hindlegs, some of that sugar free stuff and the red dessert you made.” She hands him his plate he looks down at it and he says “I told you I wanted HINDlegs not frontlegs!” The sad part is that everyone knew exactly what he was talking about.

(Small disclaimer, I have not and will not at any point ingest any part of a squirrel, my family however it does not seem to bother them to eat tree rat. )

Yes, bless my heart that is the world I live in. I am not saying it is a bad place I am just saying that it is my world.


  1. All I gots to say is that squirrel was damn good (smacking lips) ;-)

  2. OMG Kel!

    Memories, memories!


  3. Ummm... Kellie, honey, don't get me started on eating squirrel, your family may not like what I have to say. However, I'm proud of you for abstaining and I'm sending Arthur over to partake of your fried squirrel. ewww!