Thursday, October 18, 2007

A monsoon, a pumpkin, and a pitchfork... oh my!

Ok today was a freaking monsoon. Yes I know I live in Florida and we have hurricanes but I like the word monsoon better. Now I know most people would stay home in a monsoon and I am normally one of those, but I had to go to the Wal-Mart. It was a trip that no matter how hard I tried to delegate it, the hubby completely refused. Now you may be curious as to why I would trek out in the middle of a monsoon. A PUMPKIN, that’s why, a stupid damn pumpkin. Well all week I tried to buy my Diva a pumpkin for school- by the way what happened to bringing candy corn. I mean it’s easy to find and whole lighter to carry, especially in the rain.

So, the Diva and I are in the Wal-Mart and she decides she needs to go ahead and get her Halloween costume. Ok that’s works for me. However she has decided that she wants to be a skelton. At this point I am like you know, whatever makes you happy I could care less. Yah, we can not find a skeleton costume anywhere. We searched everywhere. Nothing, plenty of fairies, plenty of witches, but not a single solitary skeleton to be found in the Wal-Mart. Well after much crying and threatening we finally decide that being a devil demon is just as good as being a skeleton. So we picked out the costume and she informed me that she needed a pitchfork. I tried to argue her down, but it was nearly 7pm and I was tired of it so yes we came home with a pitchfork.

By the way it's nearly 10pm and yes the monsoon is still with me. I suppose I will take a canoe to work tomorrow.

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