Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day at Disney

Our last day, Day 7 we are going to the Parks, we make our way to the Magic Kingdom.  See I have to make good on a promise.  As many times as we have been to the World, I have NEVER rode Splash Mountain or the Kali River Rapids.  Okay I will admit it.  My hair is curly and the thought of getting wet in public on purpose is not my cup of tea. But Ali is dying to ride it and loves it so I promised if she rode the Tower of Terror, I would check out Brer Rabbits house.  The day was somewhat rainy any way so why not??
In line
Umm... MAY??
You WILL get wet!
We WERE WET!!!!!!
 We also managed to catch a good showing of Mickey's Philharmagic.  Another show I love.  One last turn on Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion the Hall of Presidents and It's a Small World.  Make our way to the front and grab a Hot Dog at Casey's and do some shopping. 

By now the rain has officially made its way to us and now my hair is huge.  We head back to the room and get cleaned up and make our way to Epcot.

Being a Disney Visa Reward Card holder one of the perks is getting a free picture over at Innoventions.  We did that and played the Piggy Bank game.
All of us!

Did I mention the rain is here.  It just keeps raining, we make it through to World Showcase and play a while in Canada and the UK waiting on early ADR at the Rose and Crown.  We love the British Invasion.  Well we all actually love all things British!  Finally it is dinner time and we have an amazing meal.  The rest of the evening we take our time and go in and out of all the pavilions, just taking our time.  We know its our last day and as much as we love the place we do miss our family.
The ROYAL Family!!!
 As we are going through Japan Ali gets somewhat home sick and asks to call her MeMe and PawPaw.  She gets them on the phone and feels better.  Then she has to call her Mam and her Pa.  After talking to all 4 of them she finally feels better.

All in all it was one of the best trips we have ever made to the World.  As usual now that we have been back a while we are ready to go back.  Ali is planning her a trip down during the Halloween Party or the Christmas Party.  LOL, she just wants to go back.  I know everyone does not love the Mouse as much as we do, but for us right now it's the Perfect vacation.   Hope you enjoyed your time you spent with us at our favorite place. :)


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  1. Fun!

    So many things I want on my list for next time. Mickey's Philharmonic was rained out when we were there. It was hard to do the roller coaster with Laura in tow. I do not do the Tower of Terror. At all. I did walk by it though. :)

    I still have yet to see Animal Kingdom. I saw it being built from Blizzard Beach one year though a LONG time ago. We'll add more to our trips as Laura gets older, but it was the perfect trip for our little family when we went. Next time, she'll be a much bigger girl which will change things.

    I'll live vicariously through your trips for now.