Monday, May 21, 2012

Hanging in VIP

Now that I finally finished my Disney trip, I can move on to all those things I had going on that kept me from finishing up.
I love my job, I am very busy and South Walton is certainly my passion.  Lately we have had the pleasure to of being able to participate in fabulous events.  And, over Mother’s Day weekend we had had the opportunity to be a VIP at the ANNIKA & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament dinner.  Celebrities abounded at this dinner.  Here are a few photos from that night.

Program, White Wine and Remains of Raspberry Champagne
Such a nice guy.  Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears placekicker and I am smiling because I would have never guessed I am 4 years older than him!  LOL

Me and Robbie Gould 

This is Kevin and his girlfriend Gerri Willis from Fox Business News.  She asked him if her dress was okay and he told her she wore it well! 
Kevin and Gerri Willis

Check out 49er's Running back Ricky Watters.  We always say Kevin is a big (broad shoulders) guy but you see from this picture that Ricky is a big guy.
Kevin and Ricky Watters.

Me & Ricky Watters!

And the coolest part was meeting Alfonso Ribero, from Fresh Prince.  When they announced his name they played Tom Jones "It's not Unusual" and he did the dance.  It was cool.  He was very nice, but like all people you see on TV, I too thought he would be taller. 
Yep, me and Carleton!

It was totally cool meeting Anthony.  And, holy crap, he is tall.  In the picture below I am wearing 5 inch platforms and he still towers over me.  Now mind you I am only five foot six, so I am not super tall anyway.  He was so nice! 
Me & Anthony Munoz
I also have a few with Alice Cooper (yes, I will admit I had no clue WHO he was...) and Tony from Dancing with the Stars.  They are on other friends phones and or cameras and I still don't have them!  Last I will close out with a picture of Kevin and I.  Yes, I met all the stars but to paraphrase GREASE! "He's still the one that I want!"

Ending the night with my LOVE!!!
 This night was a lot of fun.  The food and drinks were great and the company was totally cool!


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