Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ohana means FAMILY

Going into day 3, this Royal family knew what we should expect.  We decided to chance it and take WDW transportation for our early morning reservation at the Polynesian Resort at Ohana.  Fortunately not only was it not a problem, we were early and they seated us early.  The food was fabulous.
Mickey waffles YUM
Mickey waffles, eggs, bacon and potatoes, not a thing wrong with that meal.  Eli especially enjoyed the eggs.  Next up were Lilo and Stitch.  Now they are the Diva's favorite.
Lilo and Stitch and Ali
Eli was not to certain about Stitch.  He kept watching him like it was a possibility Stitch would take his eggs.
Don't touch me!
After seeing those two, the big cheese himself paid us a visit.  This is our 3rd day at Disney and except for a small glimpse in a parade this is the first time we have made contact with Mickey Mouse.  I am not certain who was more excited me or Ali and Eli.  To be truthful it may have been me.
The Diva & The Mouse!
Once we were all finished with breakfast it was time for more Epcot.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  My family loves Epcot.
The 6 of us!  
We journeyed back in time on the Spaceship Earth, rode a clam shell under the sea while we looked for Nemo and found our Imagination with Figment.  We also took the time to look at everything.  That is one of our favorite things to do is just LOOK and take in all the scenery.  It's more than just going form one ride to another for us.  We like the all the details that Disney works so hard to have in all the right places.  That is one of the biggest overlooked attraction at Disney.  The hidden details that lots of people take for granted.  Realizing it was getting late and Mr. Eli needed a nap and we had a special lady to meet for a snack, we split up again.  

Now it's time for a cousin meet!  One of my dearest friends, her daughter just happened to be in the Land of the Mouse for the very first time while we were there.  She came by way of New York City, which the Diva happens to think is the coolest place on earth and is dying to go there.  We hightailed it to All Star Movies to meet Cousin J for a snack.  We originally planned lunch but we were all still to full from breakfast.  

A snack of a rice crispy treat for me, chocolate ice cream for Ali and Cousin J had some fries, oh! and we can't forget Kevin, Coors Light for him.  We decided it was a refreshing snack for all involved.  For the record Ali said more than once she wished Auntie Di was there as well!  But we did talk to her on the phone.  
Ali and Cousin J

Cousin J, Ali & Me

Ali loves that Cousin J is short.  
Much fun was had by all and Ali said it was one of the highlights of her trip getting to see Cousin J!

Next stop Animal Kingdom!  XOXOXO


  1. Fun! Maybe next time we'll do a character breakfast. Is that your favorite? We did the Princess Breakfast at Epcot - just the girls of the trip. Your recaps make me miss Disney and I was fine after not going for so long, too. Love all the smiling faces in your photos!

    It's funny because Little Miss had no problem with the characters. She practically ran away with Mickey (who was so patient with her - she didn't leave his lap for 15 minutes straight, just kept talking to him) and Leo and Annie walked off with her and (hopefully) pretended to kidnap her. I'm only a little scared that Little Miss didn't look back as she went with them.

  2. I have so much more to go. But I am having such a good time writing it. Yes, Ohana is our favorite. The food is fabulous and we know we will see Mickey there. It's also the most reasonably priced meal as well.

    I am so glad you are enjoying it. The more I write, the more I realize how we may not be normal and enjoy Disney entirely to much. Ali has always loved them. For it's all real and the wonder and the magic is still there.