Monday, March 26, 2012

Wishes, Fairies and Magic Kingdom

After a fun time in Epcot and the cold closing in, we had no choice other than back to the hotel for more clothes.  Even in March the weather can be quite chilly at the Mouse's House.  Coats in hand, we met up with our crew and back to the Magic Kingdom we were bound.
Ali and Eli kisses
Uncle Travis and Eli watching WISHES!!
Experiencing Wishes was number one on our itinerary of things to do.  Since Duffy now had clothes, we could not leave him at the hotel.  Dressed in his Mickey Mouse club outfit he too was ready for some Wishes in the night time sky.  We were a little late in getting back to the park so all the great spots were taken, but we made the best of a not so good spot.  My pictures were okay but not great but Aunt Cassi to the rescue and we have this really fabulous shot to remember our time enjoying the fireworks.
Aunt Cassi took this!  Thank you!!! :)
Not having eaten since earlier in the day at 50's Prime Time Cafe we were all starving and everyone wanted something different. Realizing we were close to Pecos Bill's Cafe in FrontierLand we dipped in there and rustled us up some grub.  (ha that is funny) Fat and happy we waddled out and decided it was the perfect time to take a Magic Carpet ride all the way to Agrabah.  Here are a few smiles from that trip.
Uncle Travis, Eli & Aunt Cassi!
The Diva!
The Princess and her Prince!
We also enjoyed the night time jungle cruise.  If you have not had the opportunity to try this ride at night its a lot of fun and a good skipper makes it even better.  A short jaunt over we found ourselves shivering our timbers with good ol' Cap't Jack cruising around the Caribbean.
We are all characters!
With our love for Tinkerbelle we decided it was the perfect time to visit with her and her friends.  Kevin was not real sure about Terrance and Ali thought it was hilariously funny that Terrance wears an acorn on his head for a hat.  Eli, however was not real impressed he did not want them to touch him at all.
We *heart* you Tink!
We close with a photo in front of the castle.  As you can tell we were quite cold.
My Prince, My Diva, My Castle!

Next up breakfast at O'hana with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto...


  1. Ha. Quite cold and you're wearing a sweater. :)

    It makes me want to go back! It also wants me to go back with a kid who is not 4. We only stayed late one night in the Magic Kingdom. The rest of the time, we were home by 8 or so. Magic Kingdom, we were out until midnight or so but our kid fell asleep seconds before the fireworks - slept right through them and was SO MAD at us because she missed them.

    Ah, well, she's a Disney kid, she'll have plenty of opportunity.

  2. Actually it is my "knock off" Visit South Walton Northface jacket. It's quite warm. Kevin ended up buying all of new wind breakers because the jackets we brought were too heavy. Lol, last year we ended up buying sweatshirts because we didn't have anything heavy enough.

    As for a Disney kid, my Diva is one that is for sure. She is planning her next trip now. I just let her go with it. :)