Monday, April 9, 2012

More... Disney Fun

Animal Kingdom holds much allure for this Royal family.  We also think it gets a bad rep.  To us it is more than a half day park or just a zoo.  We enjoy it immensely.  Entering it, we had one goal: Expedition Everest.  Now, for those of you unaware The Diva agreed to ride Expedition Everest and Tower or Terror.  Such a huge accomplishment for a fraidy cat like her!  Walking up we pleased to see it had a 20 minute wait.  Not having rode it previously, we were all interested to see the theming of the wait line.  It did not disappoint and neither did the ride.  It is such a great coaster!  Check it out here to see what you are missing.
The Royal Family at the Animal Kingdom!
From there we made our way to the Tree of Life and took in the 4D show: It’s Tough To Be Bug. Another show Ali has a bit of an issue with.  She says Hopper (the giant Grasshopper) is VERY Scary!  Now is he, I don’t really think so, but I am not 10 years old anymore either.   Asking Ali what she wanted to do next she of course says, Dinosaur!  Checking the Undercover Tourist iPhone app we see that it has only a 10 minute wait.  Lucky for us, that is basically the walk in and the pre-show.  I have to say, Dinosaur will never be in my top ten.  I don’t dislike it and I ride it every time because the Diva loves it but if I never rode it again, that would be okay too.  It’s just really bumpy and bouncy and I always feel like I am going to be jarred right out the jeep.
All of us!

Cheesin for the camera with her bug eyes.

Notice it says ALI...
Pretty much our experience at Animal Kingdom for those hours, with the temperature cooling off and knowing we wanted to spend the evening in Magic Kingdom we made our way to the bus stop and off we went to enjoy Magic Kingdom for the night.  Did we do anything new while we were there, NO.  But we enjoyed every moment we could. 
Notice the turkey leg on her shirt.
Thanks Uncle Travis & Aunt Cassi.
By day four we are now in a grove and funny enough we are Animal Kingdom bound as a group.  We make our way into the park and start our trek to the back of the park.  Africa is our destination and the safari ride is what we plan to enjoy.  Now, for everyone in the know, it’s common knowledge that The Safari Ride is always better in the morning.  However, that means the line tends to be long.  We did not let that deter us.  Ali and Eli played while and talked while the adults laughed at the kids and talked and just generally made the best of a 35 minute wait.  The animals were out playing and it was a great ride to see them.  Ali and Eli enjoyed themselves immensely. 
The Whole Motley Crew!
Remember we are great lovers of the choo-choo on this trip and no Animal Kingdom day would be complete without a choo-choo ride to Conservation Station.  Ali loves everything about Conservation Station.  She thinks those people are the most amazing people and have the best jobs.  Not only do they get to work at Disney every day, they also get to make a difference in the lives of animals.  Yes, I have a budding animal conservationist on my hands.  We spent quite a bit of time there and she enjoyed it all.  On our way out we made our way through the petting zoo.  Why petting a sheep is so great I am not sure, but she says they feel “really cool.”
Petting Zoo

Up next on our list is a stop at Flights of Wonder.  We do enjoy the bird show and if you have not had an opportunity to watch it, you should make time if you can. Beyond that each family went our own way to have a little family alone time and we made our way thru the Asian trek with a couple of the stops for pictures along the way. Like I said we love to see the Animals.
Animal Kingdom love!
The evening we make our way to Epcot after a quick change of clothes.  If you notice I am not one to be hot or cold.  I would rather take a few minutes to change my clothes than be uncomfortable.  We let Ali lead the way and ended up playing in the various countries in the World Showcase.  Ali wanted ice cream and well Kevin I decided grey goose slushes were a great idea for dinner.
Viva la France!

Ali and I were also able to meet Duffy Bear. Duffy Bear is one of Ali's favorites.  She was very excited to meet him and have her picture made with him.  I snuck in there as well.

Duffy the Disney Bear!
We also were able to find a sweet Baby Duffy Bear for Ali's baby cousin Campbell.  
Ali and Campbell's Baby Duffy
Last thing I made asked my family to do was have a picture on the bridge with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  I love that picture.  They tolerate it.
Epcot LOVE
Well that is all for now.  On deck is Hollywood Studios... Tower of Terror, Muppet Vision and Star Tours in 3D!


  1. Fun! We didn't get to Animal Kingdom. We could only swing the 3-day pass and, for our first trip, chose the other parks. Way to go, Diva! I won't ride the Tower of Terror at a slightly older age. :) I sit outside while my family rides. That said, I will ride roller coasters. The boy doesn't.

    Laura was a trooper for everything. She didn't care for the darkness of the Sphere or the beginning of Pirates of the Carribean, but she was 3. I didn't ride Pirates until I was like 20. So, she's still much braver than I am.

  2. We do love it. If she likes the zoo, to us it's a zoo on steroids. LOL.

    BUT you got to see Phineas and Ferb, we did not. :(