Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney Day 5!

If you want to ride Toy Story Mania in a timely manner, you know you have to make rope drop at Hollywood Studios.  We didn't quite make it, but it was still respectable wait of 25 minutes.  Which is great, as you can see by lunch the wait time was 85 minutes and as much as like Buzz, Woody and the Gang, I don't like them enough for that wait. 
Later in the day it was 85 minutes...

The line has a great theme.  Everything is HUGE! You are now toy size and are experiencing everything from a toys level.  Fun huh.  Oh and there is a giant talking Mr. Potato Head. 
Mr. Potato Head masquerading as the Evil Dr. Pork Chop
From there we made our way to enjoy a few street performers and wait for our 11am lunch scheduled for Sci Fi Dine In Theater.  We enjoyed it a lot.
Inside at the Sci Fi Dine In Theater
Upon entering the Park!
I was not at my best so we headed back to our hotel and found the quickest route to Target for a few much needed supplies.  Meds in hand a nap was in order.  After that we made our way back to the Magic Kingdom and decided we needed to see the head Mouse.  A short wait later, Ali and I gave Mickey and Minnie lots of hugs.
The MICE!!!!
On to Tomorrowland, Space Mountain was pretty much walk on with only a 10 minute wait and we got a fast pass for it before we entered the line.  Once around the Mountain in the dark, we made our way to the People Mover.  The best view of all of Tomorrowland.  Quick ride on Stitch's Great Escape and it was time to ride Space Mountain again.  But first we grabbed a fast pass for Buzz LightYear.  Again around the mountain in the dark, which we absolutely love.  I wanted to get another fast pass for Space Mountain but the family declined saying 2 times in a row was enough for anyone.  Not time for Buzz yet, we joined Walt on the Carousel of Progress.  Yes, we are that family who sings along.  "It is a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day!"  Still with a little time to kill, we find ourselves waiting for to be entertained on the Laugh Floor by none other than Mike Wazoski himself.  Laughing like loons we made our way to Buzz Light Space Ranger Spin and walked right on.  It's always a competition between us and somehow I always win.  Boo... this time Kevin won, but like I said I was not feeling well!  :)
By now the parade is in full force and we made our way into FantasyLand.  We were lucky enough to walk on Peter Pan (unheard of), Snow Whites Scary Adventures, Winnie the Pooh, It's a Small World and The Mad Tea Party!  Crazy right!
On the tea cups! 
On a whole even though I was not feeling my best we really enjoyed our day!  We were a little sad though we knew it was the last day for Uncle Travis, Aunt Cassi and Eli.  We know they had a good time and we enjoyed sharing our time at Disney with them. 

Next up more Hollywood Studios!


  1. We've got reservations for the Sci-Fi diner when we go to WDW next month! I made special note of some of the attractions you went on while the parade was going on, it is the best time to avoid the lines :)

  2. There wasn't a ton for Laura to do at Hollywood Studios so we took it pretty leisurely. Someone gave us Fast Pass tickets and babysat while we did Star Tours which Rob loved. We did wait in line 45 minutes for Phineas & Ferb and spent a lot of time in the Playhouse Disney area. However, at the end of the day, Laura decided to do the Toy Story ride which had a wait of 90 minutes or so. She was adamant that she wanted to do it versus any number of other things. So, she was a trooper and stood in line with us. She LOVED it - so did the rest of us. We'd plan it differently next time, but we were surprised to enjoy Hollywood Studios as much as we did.

    Most of the parades and outdoor events were cancelled the day we went. It rained off and on. As it was, we happened to get a table with an umbrella outside (and Rob waited outside and brought us our food). Next time, I want to do the roller coaster though! Also, next time, I want to be there later than 6PM. :)

  3. Kathy, we loved the Sci Fi, it was a 1st for us. As for the parade and timing, we usually watch the parade once and then take advantage of all those people just sitting and ride everything we possibly can. :) FantasyLand tends to be the best for that in our opinion. People with little ones who enjoy fantasyland are the ones who want to watch the parade. Similar thought during Wishes.

    Hollywood Studios is fun to us, one day we plan to watch Fantasmisic. I know, I know, how is I have never seen it? Every time we plan to watch it something comes up. Next year I think we are going to do priority seating so that we make sure we get a place. :)