Monday, March 26, 2012

Vacation...Part 2

Little Cloudy and a little cool but beautiful sight to behold
Day two dawned bright and early at Walt Disney World.  The Eastern Time zone always whacks out our internal clock the first day or so and day two was not an exception.  The Diva was completely excited about her first glimpse in a year of the Magic Kingdom.  We arrived early to see Mickey Mouse ride in on the train.  Eli loves Mickey Mouse and Choo Choo's so it was the perfect combination. I know I was beyond excited and I think the rest of the crew was as well.  Making our way through the crowd, we headed straight to FantasyLand.  I will tell you it was odd not seeing Dumbo the Flying Elephant as we walked through the castle.  We have never been the family who felt Dumbo was the very first thing you have to do; but knowing it was closed due to the move to Storybook Circus was a little saddening.  Peter Pan’s Flight is more our style. 
Ali and Eli EXCITED!
FantasyLand was a lot of fun. We saved Mickey’s Philharmagic and The Mad Tea Party for another day and made our way to Liberty Square.  Funnel cake was at the top of the list for this Royal family, with a small detour made to The Haunted Mansion.  I have to say I really like the improvements and we truly had a good time checking out the new graveyard.  (That is not something I thought I would ever say or write…)  After our dose of grim grinning ghost and picking up our very own hitchhiking ghost we were more than ready for that promised funnel cake.  Sleepy Hollow bound and it totally lived up to its delicious promise, bellies full and we were off again.  
Crossing over to FrontierLand we realize we are in the middle of an impromptu show and the elusive … well elusive to us because we have never seen him other than maybe in a parade… Brer Rabbit.  Now let me tell you this excited my Diva immensely.  Song of the South is one of her favorites (it’s no longer available in the US but you can see parts of it on you tube) and she loves Brer Rabbit.  Unfortunately the show was ending and we were unable to meet him, she was disappointed but was happy none the less since she was able to see him.  Onward to the Choo Choo was our next destination, passing the Brer Rabbits Laughing Place we boarded the LilyBelle.  An old steam engine from the 1920’s named after Walt Disney’s wife Lily.  We made our way from FrontierLand with a stop in the boarded up FantasyLand for more water and departed at the Train Station at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. 
Me and the Diva on the Monorail.
Having a lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios we needed to make our way from the Magic Kingdom over there.  With Eli’s love of trains and Ali’s love of the monorail and the Polynesian we decided to take the Resort Monorail to the Polynesian and hop a bus from there to Hollywood Studios.
Now 50’s Prime Time Caféis one of our favorite places to eat.  We usually eat there at least one time a trip. We truly love the décor and the atmosphere not to mention the food was fabulous as usual.  One of the things that I love that Disney does so well is deal with allergies.  Unfortunately for anyone dining with me that is always something that causes a wait.  But that is because Disney wants to make sure it is safe for me to eat what I want.  You would not believe the things that are unsafe for me to consume because of fish or shellfish and there is always the risk of cross contamination. So hats off to Disney for making things easy.  The food was great as always.  You can not beat that fried chicken.  Just typing about it makes me want more of it. 
Tummies full again we decided one more ride before we left the park for a nap.  

Ali loves this ride. 
At this point we decide we are on our way to room for a nap.  Or at least the was the plan.  Uncle Travis, Aunt Cassi and Eli go back to Pop and at the last minute we decide to go to Epcot by way of the Friendship Boats.  Disembarking at the Swan and Dolphin we cross over to the Boardwalk and do a little shopping.  Duffy needed clothes and we were able to find the cutest Mickey Mouse Club outfit for him at The Boardwalk. He had the sailor outfit and since they were three for $30 he needed the Woody and Pirate Costume as well.
Duffy Bear Wear! 
From there we went into Epcot and made a stop in our favorite country the UK!  We love all things British.  
UK... lane.
Coming soon the evening and WISHES!!!!

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