Monday, January 28, 2008

Harry Potter hero

Ok I live in Harry Potter hell. I am just telling you. My diva thinks that he is the greatest thing since well... Umm Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean. And she is in love with Captain Jack. However, she says she feels Harry is closer to her age and not always being chased by the police so she and Harry would have more fun together than her and Jack; even though she is a muggle. Other than Harry her favorite character right now is Dobby. She thinks he is cute. I know she is wierd little girl. So, now she wants to get a house elf. Personally I think she only wants one so that she can get him to clean her room. She hates cleaning her room, BUT what child does want to, ya know? So she loves Dobby. She loves to act out the crazy things he does.
Ok I am going to admit that I like Harry as well. I am enjoying discovering his world with her. She is amazed at every bit of it and really like that she is getting involved with reading. So If Harry and Dobby give her a life long love of reading well then Harry can be my hero as WELL.

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