Thursday, January 17, 2008

A beauty Queen??

So, do you see this dress? Ok on Friday of last week, my Diva comes home with a letter advertising that there will be a little miss pageant. Ok let me preface this with we have done 2 pageants in the past. The 1st one was when she was 22 months old. Let me explain this to you, well she did pretty good if you count the fact that she came in 1st runner up and it was her 1st pageant. But then I am reminded about the talent portion of the competition. She sat down and said "I need to roll, Mommy." So in front of God and everyone she proceeds to roll from side of the stage to the either. Sure you are thinking that is not to bad, right? Well you are right it would have not been a big deal HAD thier been a TALENT PORTION, but indeed there was not. So here she is rolling all over the stage. YES I am embarresed. We just decided she was to young, to do it again at that time.

When she was three, I let myself be talked into it again. Well she was older and I thought for sure she would be able to handle it. YEP, I was wrong. Completely utterly undeniably WRONG! She did not want to go out there she did not want to have her hair done and she did not want to change her clothes. Yet again she comes in 1st runner up and wins the most photogenic and favorite. True this time she does not roll on the ground, BUT she does insist she will not go on stage without lovie.

Which leads me to the point I am trying to make, I am not doing this again!!! Twice is enough for anyone. So, there I was debating if I want to do this again. I talked it over with her and she was still wanting to do it. So we pull up a dress on the internet for us to start getting an idea of what she wants. She takes one look at that pink dress and says "never mind the dress looks itchy." I stand there with my mouth open and she then says "lets go get my hair cut."

So after all that she doesn't want to and I hate to admit this but I am almost disappointed.

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  1. I feel for you, honey. A really good friend of mine has a daughter who's all into pagents, and it can take over your life. Of course, my friend grew up the same way, so she loves it. It can get pretty expensive, too.