Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy birthday to my DIVA!

Jan, 4th was my Diva's birthday. She was excited. She said she had been waiting forever to be 6! So we had her a party at school on the 4th and one at home on the 5th. She had a great time. The cupcakes are from her party at school and the "6" cake is her party at home.
If you have ever read my bog from before you know that she asked for a venus flytrap for Christmas, well she got one for her b-day. Now I have to keep it alive. Anyone have any tips?
Over all it was a good day both days for her party and according to her she had fantabulous time! Her words not mine. Her bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it and I think it will take me a least a month muck it out, now that Christmas and her b-day are over.
I pay really well of anyone would like to join me in cleaning it! NO takers huh? Ok well if I get lost in there please send a search party.

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