Friday, June 7, 2013

Just another week...

It's Wednesday and I have some doctors appointments and other assorted errands to take care of for me and the family so I took a day off from the office. It's early morning and I am still enjoying my coffee waiting for The Diva to wake up and Kevin to show back up. He is either having his oil changed or riding his BOTE board. He will be home before it's time to leave I am sure.

You may remember this post from last year: Rain & Digital Graffiti, well believe it or not it's time for that again. Wild huh? I really do love this event. It's so completely different and interesting and Alys Beach is perfect for it. So that is what I will be up to this weekend.
Isn't the entrance beautiful? 

As for the past week and weekend, more of the same. Beach of course, but then we realized The Diva desperately needed a new suit. The 2 she said she liked and we ordered them, they arrived and her words were "I hate them now." So back to Lands End they go and the torture began. After quite a few stores (Target, Dillards, Justice, Old Navy) we found something she liked at none other than Jc Penney. I knew it was meant to be when I saw the pink peace sign on it.
See that little peace sign! 
Of course I can't talk about last week with out mentioning Girls Night Out! Umm a-mazing! As always. The wonderful and talented ladies of Proffitt PR Whitney and Jessica!
Some of my favs! :) 

Absolute Silliness

kissy face
All in all a great week. Now off to Digital Graffiti tomorrow night. Update to come soon. :) Excited to not have rain in the forecast this year. :) FUN!  XOXOXOXO

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