Monday, May 27, 2013

Holiday weekend

What an amazing holiday weekend. It started off with Friday being the Diva's last day of school. Excited does not even begin to cover her emotions. She tried everything she could to get me to pick her up early. In the end I made her stay at school all day. She was not pleased but hey, she had already missed 11 days this semester. The last thing we needed was the school to point that out... again. Yes, yes, yes, I know. She should go to school more. BUT everyone needs a day or two off. And who would have thought she would get so sick after missing a week for a vacation at Disney. We may have to actually go during Spring Break this year. THE Horror!

Anyway back to the weekend. Saturday and Sunday of course we spent it all the beach. The gulf was so beautiful on Saturday it did not look real. Here are a few photos...
My view from my chair

Ali playing in the surf, Kevin on his paddle board

Just beautiful... Ali in the tube
Sunday was more fun on the water, only we parked at the lake because some family was joining us and they have a small baby. Much easier to watch the baby in the lake than in the Gulf. It was yet another beautiful day and Ali was so excited to have her baby cousin Campbell join us. Here are a few photos from Sunday. 
we had a few toys...


Play with me Ali!
Funny story... the guy next to us rents stand up paddle boards. So... a group that liked Bud Lite maybe too much decided to try their hand at paddle boarding. "It can't be that hard," said the guy who drank 2 beers while waiting to get his board. After he fell off for the 5th time in about 5 minutes and still had not managed to stand up, Ali decided she would show his how it was done. 
My girl on her board!
After about 15 minutes he gave up. He told her, that yes she was the master and he would go home to Alabama... her reply... "I knew you were a Bama fan" and shook her head! (We all know how she feels about that) then she could not resist smiling at him and saying "War Eagle!" Love my girl. 

My sweet little BFF
Monday morning, I woke up to a little cutie in my bed and we watched My Fair Lady. She loved it. But then my girl is a big fan of Musicals. I was also amazed that she recognized Rex Harrison. A few months back we watched Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. (She loves all things Egyptian) And, she asked if he was the same guy that played Caesar. Smart girl, my Ali. Anyway Monday was a great day and I hope each of you had a great day. 

Memorial Day is more than the beach and barbecues, it's remembering the sacrifice men and women make every day so that we can have beach a barbecue. It's also their families that need a prayer as well, they also sacrifice much for me and you. Happy Memorial Day and thank you, United States Armed Forces. 

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