Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rain & Digital Graffiti

Over the weekend as the rain poured, I was certainly hopeful for blue sky, mainly because rain makes my hair look terrible and also, because we had amazing plans for Saturday night.  Not sure if you have you have ever heard of Digital Graffiti, but it is this really cool two night event in its fifth year held in the picturesque neighborhood of Alys Beach in South Walton, Florida.  

Vie Magazine was on board and they planned a fabulous step and repeat red carpet concluding at the end with a signature Vie-tini for your enjoyment.  Knowing this I had a fabulous white dress with black polka dots by Deja Vu that I felt would show off nicely with my strawberry blonde hair and the red carpet and did I mention some really great black strappy wedges by Nine West. Unfortunately due to substantial downpour, it was not meant to be, sadly no red carpet for this Princess.
told ya the dress was great.  And yes Kevin looks nice too!
Deciding dinner and drinks was the best replacement for the short notice, we made our way to Shades in Inlet Beach were we met some friends.  Abita –purple haze- beer, Coors Light, crab claws (none for me), buffalo wings, salads, burgers, greet friends, cool conversation and the Miami vs Boston basketball game were on the menu for the next few hours.  Although we did manage to get a little work done and I have the picture to prove it.
hard at work: updating social media!
Bellies full, laughter had and our drink on we made our way to Alys Beach for Digital Graffiti.  Parking was good and with special media VIP pass and wristbands our group bypassed the long line and made our way into the neighborhood.  The artwork was amazing as always.  To see this beautiful artwork projected on the white washed building never ceases to amaze me.  It was truly a brilliant person who was able to come up with this concept.  A fun time was had by all and here are a few pictures from the night.  Keep in mind they were taken with my iPhone.  


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