Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday I posted a picture of Facebook of my hair.  Nothing spectacular, a braided headband made of my hair.  One of my cousins noticed the picture and said "I thought you found a picture of me!"  No it's really me, but it made me think about how families can favor each other in looks and deeds.  Looks are easy; maybe you have similar eyes or the same shaped face.  On the Mosley side of the family it is easy to see how we all favor, it's with out a doubt the cheeks. 
Jordyn and Me - 1st cousin.

As you can see in the picture above, we certainly favor.  And like I said, the Cheeks have it! 
My Ali Diva and of course Me
Of course there is not any doubt that she belongs to me.  We look nearly just alike.
Ali & Kevin
 Keep in mind while you think she looks like me, she does have her moments where she favors him! Case in point! 
Jordyn, Ali and Me!

Now you can see we all favor and again it's the cheeks.  Now you are saying how closely are you related.  My mother and Jordyn's dad are brother and sister.  We share the same grandparents.
Ali & Sydney
Now these two are funny that they looks so much alike.  Their grandparents are 1st cousins. But hey I can see the resemblance...
Jericha & Ali
While those 2 are not identical or anything you can see they favor.  Jericha is on Kevin's side of the family and her mother Morgan and Ali are 1st cousins.
Campbell & Ali
Like Jericha although they are not identical you can see that Campbell and Ali favor.  Again Campbell is on Kevin's side of the family.  Her daddy is Ches and he and Ali are 1st cousins as well.
Stinkface Ali and Stinkface Kelli
And, lastly I had to close with the Stinkface, while yes we do look alike, our behaviors are similar as well.  Even at an early age Ali could give a Stinkface with the best of them! 

Hope you have a good day!!  I just thought it was fun looking at both sides of the family and being able to see my Ali in all of them!  :)


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