Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It’s been a crazy week or so around the castle.  Internet was down for several days, it seems the router may have been hit by lightning.  How’s a princess supposed to know that?  I had some work obligations I drug the family to and I was able to see a 783.4 lb Blue Marlin up close and a little too personal.  Crazy huh?  Although people suggested I take my picture with it, I declined. True, it was really big but it was also really, really, really stinky.
Kick off party

The Winning Boat

On the way to the weigh in

The Diva has soccer day camp all week, so that has left us with quite a bit of running back and forth.  And, lucky for us Tropical Storm Debbie decided to take everyone’s advice and not over stay her welcome. 
Soon the crew from the office is going over to see the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House.  We think it’s pretty cool that it is in our backyard.  Pictures to come, I promise. 

I know it is only Wednesday but I only have more day to make it through and then I am on stacycation (that word bothers me for some reason) until July 5th! And, boy let me tell you that excites me.  The Diva suggested we go to Disney World, Kevin declined that excursion saying it was too HOT!  Although I know it’s hot, had he not been so adamantly against it, I probably could have been talked into it. 

I however want to go see a lighthouse.  So, I am trying to talk my family into making a trek over to Gulf County to visit them.  There is a total of four and I am really interested in checking them out.  But we shall see…

Until then.  XOXOXOXO

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