Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost a New Year

Here are a few of the pictures from Holidays. It's been such a great time for the Carter family.  We have enjoyed spending time together. 
Mid December we were able to meet my brand new great niece Campbell. The Diva's favorite phrase is she needs to "hijack that baby." 
The Diva and her new baby cousin.
December 23rd was Kevin's Mothers birthday.  We had a party for her at our house. We still can not get her to tell us how old she is.  We think she maybe around 71, but she gives you this look and will tell you she is 39... her youngest son (Kevin) is 45, so for some reason I tend to think that is not her *true* age. 
My Sweet girl in front of the Christmas Tree on 12.23
In front of the Christmas Tree on 12.23

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun, we baked cookies for Santa and had a great time with the Hollington Clan. Fiesta Rice soup and Creamy Chicken Enchiladas were a compete hit.  Opening presents was not a bad deal either.
Cousins baking cookies together.  
 Christmas Day rolled in and we had a great day.  Here are a few of the 3 of us.

The Diva's favorite over the shoulder
pose on Christmas Day.

Me and Kevin on Christmas Day.

Now that we are in between News Years and Christmas and I am on *STAYCATION* we are home and having a serious Harry Potter marathon and being lazy as can be.  I hope your holidays were as great as mine.  Happy New Year.  MUAH!!!!

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