Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitchenaid Mixer!

Kitchenaid mixer, how I covet you.  Kevin continually says you think you are more important than you are. He says you are completely overpriced.  I do not think such, however.
Isn't it pretty, I think it should live at my house, don't you?  Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. We have one. We use it often. We also have a hand mixer, but I can't imagine mixing anything with like a spoon. I just made dough with my stand mixer. I don't have any of the attachments, but we love ours. Ours is white though. At the time, all of our appliances were white and they just mix into the background easily versus our new stainless blender. You should totally get one. It's more practical than spending the same on a handbag and you must have done that before, right? :)

  2. I keep saying I am going to buy it and yet I buy *another* handbag. I have the kitchenaid hand mixer and use it all the time. :)