Thursday, March 6, 2008

What does pneumonia look like?

Well I can tell you that it has brown hair streaked with auburn and big brown eyes! In other words my Diva has it. Ok I know that she is sick, but she is driving me crazy for crying out loud. Please recall she is the biggest drama queen known to man. I mean she wants to go to the emergency room for a hang nail. You think I am making that up? Well I am not. Yes, yes, yes, I realize she come by the drama part naturally, I mean I did birth her and all. What can one expect? The fever is out of control, of course 104 would make even the most laid back people freak out, not that I have ever been accused of being laid back.

But anyway, she is sick, my house is dirty, she is whiny, I need to do laundry, she is sleeping between Kevin and I in the bed, in short this week has been hell.

And they have my picture up (you know the kind with Most Wanted, please alert security, should this woman show up – yeah you know it) at the X-ray place. They pissed me off royally on Tuesday when I was trying to have her chest x-rays done. Needless to say we will never be going back there. Even had the service not been awful, my welcome is not guaranteed after my behavior. But they should have performed the test that we needed and sent us on our way not keep us for nearly 2 hours then refuse to give me her x-rays because their Dr had not looked at them. As if I care what he thinks. I care what her pediatrician thinks not some radiologist.

So in short this has been my week, Tylenol, Motrin, antibiotics, cough syrup and COFFEE by the gallon.


  1. Yuck, Kel. I hope your Diva starts feeling better soon so things can go back to normal.

  2. Casee.... I have missed you. heres to the Diva feeling better! How is your bunch?