Friday, February 29, 2008

Having a Makeover....

This post is a little self indulgent… hell it’s my blog; the whole thing is self indulgent. If you have been a diligent follower of my blog (and I know who you are…) you know that I turned 30 in 2007. Struggled with that one let me tell you. I can barely believe it myself. I still think of myself as young. Then I catch the early signs of crow’s feet and know that I am not as young as I used to be.

SO…. The reason behind this post is the examination of my life and who I am as a person. I have been talking to my best friend Jan and told her that I am trying to be a better person. In searching this topic out I found this article and I really really really LIKE it! please click here to read the whole article, I pulled this part out to talk about it.

Good character includes, integrity, courage, virtue, kindness, honesty, loyalty, patience. "Character is doing what's right even when no one is looking" – unknown
To improve my character, I want to mend rifts of old friendships and want to reconnect with my family that I have lost track of.
I have recently been told that I am hard and unforgiving but I am going to try to look at things in a whole new perspective and travel the road to a better person.

emotional well-being
Emotional well-being has a lot to do with how you cope in daily life, how you view yourself and the world around you, how you react to situations.
To improve my emotional well being I am going to stand back and not react until I know the entire story and then I am going to treat it rationally and calmly…. Or at least try

Your mentality, your thoughts and mindset can have either a positive or negative effect on your overall well-being and how you see everything around you.
To improve my mentality I am going to have a positive outlook on life and think good thoughts!

physical well-being
Physical well-being is very important. If you don't feel well physically, it's difficult to function in all other areas.
To improve my physical well being well that one is little harder, but I am going to TRY to at least eat better. I exercise, but not enough and I need to incorporate it in my life better.

A dulled spirit can mean a dulled life. Everyone needs to connect to something higher than themselves, discovering a deeper sense of who they are and where they belong.
To improve my spirituality, I am not sure. I have no problem with my beliefs. I know that there is a GOD and I know that he is looking out for me. I also know that the choices I make affect the path that he has put in front of me.

So those are the things that I am going to work on… now I am not saying that I am going to accomplish them all… BUT I am going to try! Besides who doesn't loveto have a makeover, especially if it comes with cute shoes!

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  1. I look at it being a new year and new start. Things are fresh just like in spring. Everyone has a new slate.

    I agree on fixing old friendships. As we get older, the less really good friends we have. The ones that we do are the more important ones. I want that back.

    I am glad we talked and hope we can move forward again.