Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Here Comes Peter CottonTail hopping down the Bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way!!! At the Princess/Diva household we are deep into celebrating Easter. We have boiled eggs, we have filled plastic eggs with candy and the Diva has told everyone what the Easter bunny needs to put in her Easter basket. Personally I think that the Easter Bunny is over-rated. I mean why on God’s green earth would a Bunny come bearing eggs and chocolate… ok anyone can bring me chocolate and I will accept. I just have a hard time with the whole “I am a Bunny bearing gifts” routine ya know?

But anyway I digress, Sunday we had the Diva’s yearly Easter portrait with the live bunnies. None were strangled this year I might add. On the way back the diva asked “mom what does the Easter Bunny have to do with God?

Ok let me start at the beginning, Saturday opening day for Little League, Kelli - Team Mom. Picture it Kelli screaming at a bunch of little brats cause they wont put on their helmets, they have somehow lost their glove and hat on the way off the field and THEY All want to be the pitcher! JUST SHOOT ME NOW! So Saturday night the Diva decides she needs a spend the night party at MeMe and Popsie’s – Load her up and take her – pretty much my words.

So now we are to Saturday night (I hope your imagination works well, cause I am telling you Saturday was just blissful just blissful—hell I can not even type that with a straight face- I was damn happy it was over!) We went over to some friends and I decided it would be a great time to celebrate… well celebrate anything. I mean I would have toasted to trees and bushes and leaves and your birthday in November or just the fact that the day ended in Y. So seeing as how grey goose and pineapple juice like each other so well, I decided to get intimate with them myself. Which ends in Kelli drinking way more than she should have not only in one night but probably in a at least a week. Now I am going to have to blame some of it on making drinks in the dark. How was I supposed to know that I was using entirely to much vodka… I mean it is clear FCOL!

So now it’s Sunday morning and I have to drag my-HUNGover-self to have the Diva’s pictures made and she now she wants to know what does God have to do the Easter Bunny. My reply I think was absolutely perfect.

Go ask you Daddy!”


  1. You can have too much vodka?

  2. Hmmm, I've been checking back, but you haven't updated lately. *pointed look* :)