Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Well it’s the Diva’s 1st Valentines Day at school. We have did her Valentines, you see the picture of them. I think that they are cute!

Kevin and I are not big on lots of gifts for the “Hallmark Holiday!” Our deal is not to spend more than $20. Well I am cool I just have to say… the Fossil outlet was having a huge sale and I had a coupon so he got a normally $75 watch, I got it for less than $20. Go me, go me!
So Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!!!


  1. Kelli, that's a great score! You totally rock. :)

    Happy Valentine's, sweetie!

  2. Wow, and you look like a hero! That's awesome. Diva looks beautiful.

    We rarely do gifts and, if we do, they're less than $20 though it's not a rule. I'm not expecting anything. I bought myself flowers earlier in the week and maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow. I am going shopping on Saturday, too. I'm fine buying myself presents. :)