Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you see this bird? Do you know that he talks?

SQUAWKERS McCAW the FURREAL FRIENDS Parrot takes interactive play one step further through highly innovative animatronics, voice recognition and programmable features. A remote control triggers pre-programmed voice commands and provides “shortcut buttons” to activate varied play modes which enable SQUAWKERS McCAW to respond by simply repeating words spoken to him, answering with pre-programmed commands, “teaching” the parrot to respond with programming voice commands or prompts, and responding with “humorous” and “playful” phrases to his pre-programmed phrases. And true to real Macaws, SQUAWKERS McCAW loves to dance! If music isn’t played, SQUAWKERS McCAW will play and dance to his own signature song. Available now!
Item #:77182
Approx. Retail:$ 69.99
Ages:5 & Up

Yes he talks and does everything else known to man. The diva has asked for one. Yeah so not happening. I mean she talks more than anyone on the face of the planet. Do I really want something else for her to talk to. Because believe me she would. I can already hear it... Just the thought is making me crazy. So she asked Santa for one of these... Well I told her not to get her hopes up that I was pretty sure the elves were out of feathers and that she probably would not get one.

I just can not have one more thing at my house to have a conversartion with. I think I will go postal on someone.

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  1. Please reconsider me! I am a nice bird. My person's partner did not think she would like me. She does, though.
    --Squawkers McCaw