Friday, December 28, 2007

Do you see this game? Yes my Diva got it for Christmas. 1st thing I want to say about it is, NEVER buy it for your child! You will be playing it for hours on end and she will cheat. And when I say that she will cheat I mean she will not let you bump her back to start, she will not let you skip her and lastly she does not like to wait until she rolls a one or a two before she can leave home. So like I said it was almost two hours of her complaining that she thought I was cheating. When I told her that I was just doing what the cards said do, she said "whatever, for all I know you are lying to me, I can't read I am only 5 ya know!" Then she dumped the game over and said she was NEVER playing again!

Did I mention that she also got Uno, Operation, Trouble, Piranha Panic, Connect 4 and Monopoly. So, yes I have been playing board for days on end. Just shoot me!

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  1. Kell,
    I laughed over this for ten minutes! I just love her. She's a special girl, lol.