Sunday, August 18, 2013


So, we are sitting around the house watching it rain, just like every one else in northwest Florida and this commercial pops up.

It's Snoop Dogg or is he Snoop Lion now? I can't keep up with these things. But, anyway at the end when the wife walks in, he refers to her as BossLady. So guess what... this Princess has a new nickname around the house. Yep, it's BossLady. Kevin thinks he is hilarious calling me that. I think he is obnoxious. Then again, he does like to follow BossLady up with Fo-Shizzle. For the record Snoop Dogg, he is NOT.

So with a weekend filled with rain and no end in sight, these are the kind of things that take our mind off the lake we have surrounding the house. The diva suggested we get a drawbridge, a dragon and maybe a crocodile. I told her we might consider such.

Until next time, do your best to stay dry. I am going to continue the search for cute rain boots. At this point I just think they are a wise investment.

xoxoxoxo... Kel


  1. So, do we all have to call you BossLady now?
    Enjoyed your blog! xo Stacey May

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Stacey. I try to update as often as I can find the time or when something comical happens at my house. Keep reading, hopefully you will find a laugh or two. :) xoxoxoxo Kel