Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rude People

I know that rude people are just RUDE! I know that everyone can not be nice. I mean I have been known to not be the sweetest person, but I try to be mostly considerate ya know. So I was at Publix today and I bought my bag of chocolate and I am trying to leave. I go to my car, get in and look behind me. Well there is this person rolling their cart up their car. Ok I can wait no problem. Ok she opens all the doors on her car and proceeds to load about $250 worth of groceries into her trunk. I have no idea why she had to have her doors open to do this. Well what can I do, other than tear the doors off her BMW, which I will admit I thought about. Finally I she finishes and I am still waiting cause really where can I go, she is completely in my way. On my way to FINALLY back up she gives me this look and throws her hands up. Ok at this point I am ill with her and think I should go pop her one but I back up and go to work anyway.
So I know this is the Season to be kind and considerate and I know that you should really be kind and considerate all year, BUT when is it my turn to be rude??? Dang it I want a turn too. Everybody else gets one, I WANT MINE!
So in this season to be sweet lets say a prayer for the rude person and the person that did not kill them for being rude!


  1. I'm so proud of you. I totally understand. The high road sucks. Plus, we've discovered that it's not the high road if you tell everyone you took the high road. Tomato, Tomahto. We're the better people, damn it! :) I'm glad we don't have to visit you in prison at least.

  2. Honey, it almost seems fantastical that some people are so self-absorbed. Are they really not aware of others in their path? Are they stupid? Are they just board and have nothing else in their lives and this is the only "power" they will ever wield? Are their souls so young that they just don't care about the bad Karma they are accumulating? There must be at least one correct reason among the thousands of scenarios - Then again, it may be a case by case thing.

    "The world may never know."


  3. I agree with April, "the high road sucks." And "we're the better people, damn it!" LOL There are times that I want to tell someone how rude she/he is. *sigh* I always say, some people need told about themselves. LOL But I usually don't b/c I don't want to be thought of as rude for telling them. B/c it will not be constructive criticism, but a full-on freak out. LOL So, the high roaders have their special road to heaven. It's jsut a rocky road, sometimes. *sigh*