Sunday, October 26, 2008

I do not understand...

Well 1st off there are plenty of things that I do not understand: why they make white sandals and grown folks jelly shoes, why there is a such thing as sugar free ice cream, why my daughter insists on trying to have a life or death conversation with me while I am in the shower, and well why my husband does 3/4's of the things that he does.

But one of the biggest things that I do not understand is why some people insist on finishing a book that they obviously do not like. Last night I was on Amazon and I was reading the reviews on various book that I have read or plan to read and I was singularly surprised at the number of 1 star rated reviews. Ok I am the 1st to say that we do not all like the same things. I love historical romance novels, LOVE THEM. I love to read them, but a deal breaker for me is usually anything set in the middle ages. All I can think about is the lack of people bathing and the lack of toothbrushes. So I know that I will not be able to concentrate on the story when all I can think about is when was the last time the hero had a bath, brushed his teeth and is he scratching the lice that I am sure he has. Another deal breaker for me is men in kilts. NOPE as far as I am concerned that's a cross dresser. I know, I know, I know, I am being narrow minded but hey that's just me.

Seeing as how I know these are deal breakers for me I will not even pick up a book about any of it. Ever. My time to read is to valuable to waste it on something that I do not like. That brings me back to the topic at hand. Why continue reading a book that by say the 3rd chapter you KNOW you do not like it? It make absolutely no sense to me. Personally I do not understand. Why torture yourself with something you positively detest?

So that is what I do not understand. If you can explain it to me please feel free!

Have a great day! Muah!


  1. It's b/c some of us are anal and can't put a book down once we've started it. No matter how bad it is. LOL

  2. At one time I would finish all books I started, but not anymore. Life is too short to waste time on crap. You can quote me on that. ;)


  3. But Casee I am anal about some things as well. I mean I like all my clothes and shoes a certain way, BUT like SL said I just can not bring myself to waste time on something I do not like!

    BTW I am happy to see you I have missed you!